All of life is God’s, but there are key points where we see that most clearly. The church’s ministry is here to help.

Baptism is a moment when we celebrate birth - not simply the birth of a child, but the birth that comes when we enter (as a child or as an adult) into life lived with Jesus Christ. It is not a magical ceremony, but a moment of shared commitment. It is a beginning.

Confirmation is a moment when someone (usually a teenager) who has been baptized accepts the wider responsibility involved as living as an adult disciple of Jesus. It follows a time of preparation and intensified learning and discovery of the Holy Spirit’s work within each of God’s people.

Christian marriage is when two people commit to live their lives together as a conscious expression of Jesus’ grace shown to the Church. Like confirmation, it calls for a time of preparation and exploration to make sure that both partners are ready to take that step.

Funerals or memorial services recognize the circumstances around someone’s passage from this life to eternal life. They sometimes reflect the grief and loss felt by those left behind. They sometimes reflect a sense of gratitude for someone’s achievements, for their love, and for their faith. Most often, they are a mix of all this and more.